Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Daily Bread: Basic White Bread

I have been meaning to bake my bread all day long! Only now, with the children in bed, was I finally able to fill my loaf pans. I can not help but look back on the many contradictions of my day with a sense of gratitude. I am aware that I will never be called for acts of heroism to fill the nightly news. Rather, my peace talks will be saved for toddlers and my big budget plans for a monthly grocery list. My acts of heroism will remain hidden to most eyes. And yet, it is through those daily contradictions that my path to heaven lies.

Today I made 2 loaves of Basic Bread from A Continual Feast, found on page 62. After my yeast bread baking debut with Monastery Bread I found this a great next recipe to tackle. It follows a very similar method with only two added ingredients (scalded milk and butter). The results have just come out of my oven, and they are fabulous!

The smell of fresh baked bread is intoxicating…and the falling snow outside holds the hope of a snow day for tomorrow. This day of contradictions has turned into quite a lovely evening!


  1. Those tiny "acts of heroism" which to the bystander or the beneficiary often seem to just "happen" or are vene not noticed are things that really matter and that make the true fabric of our lives. Brava!

  2. Sorry, "vene" in the previous comment should read "even", obviously...