Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Little House: May Crowning of Our Lady of Fatima (May 13th) and Rose Madeleines

The other day the children and I, along with their Aunt Ann and cousins Simon and Isaac, made a crown of roses for our parish's statue of Our Lady of Fatima. We were not allowed to place the crown on her head at the time (our pastor did so later), but we all knelt before her and prayed the rosary. It was recess for the parish school and we all enjoyed listening to the joyous cries of children as we prayed together; it was as if their happy chorus joined ours! We then went home and made some rose-scented madeleines. My mother has the best recipe for these scallop-shaped cookies on page 258 of the Continual Feast. I substituted 1 tablespoon of rose water for the vanilla extract; it makes for a very fragrant cookie!


  1. Very touching, particularly the last photograph... Actually the choice of the photos in this entry can be taken as a metonimy for the whole blog: religion, festivities, food, prayer, family bonds, reflection, joy...

  2. Your children in the picture are sweet like these madeleines!!Love to you all, Jessica! Milly :)