Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Daily Bread: St. Ninian Gingery Muffins

Chances are you haven't heard of Saint Ninian [whose feast we celebrate today]. But he is known in Scotland where a number of places still bear his name. And visitors and pilgrims still go to see the cave that was his hermitage, long ago, on the southwestern coast. (A Continual Feast, page 268)

The recipe for St. Ninian gingery muffins is a MUST ADD to your family tradition. They are so very delicious, my two sons simply could not eat them fast enough. They also fill the home with holiday scents- thanks to the molasses and spice mixture. I hope to experiment with this recipe soon and try a gingerbread loaf so stay tuned for future holiday posts!

*Tip: Melt the butter before mixing with the molasses, sugar and boiling water.

*Suggestions: These muffins make a great morning breakfast- or sprinkle them with confectioners sugar, or drizzle with a sugar glaze to pair with afternoon tea!

Thank you, St. Ninian- your muffins are now a new family favorite!