Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Daily Bread: Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns date as far back as 1361 and have since been a traditional food item for Good Friday. This was our first year preparing them from a recipe found in A Continual Feast on page 190. They are surprisingly simple to make and the symbolism of the cross is a wonderful way to help children continue to get into a Holy Week mindset.

The world takes care of our anticipating the birth of Baby Jesus. Christmas songs can be heard on the radio, shops display Christmas themes, and cities are adorned with lights. We are surrounded by many visible signs that point us towards the miraculous and humble birth of Our Savior. The same is not true as we anticipate Easter.

We must make an effort to remain faithful during Lent. Ash Wednesday provides quite a dramatic outward sign on our foreheads, but the rest of Lent draws us inward as we reflect on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is a beautiful opportunity for deepening our friendship with Christ. Inside the church during Holy Week, however, there are so many signs that remind us that Easter is near…but first we must enter the Passion.

My 3 year old was struck by the dramatic veiling of the crucifix and statues for Holy Week. He was happy to know that Jesus was still in the tabernacle, in his “house” as the boys call it. The red vestments also struck him. I asked him why the priest was wearing red, because of the blood of Jesus. Yes! We can’t lose sight of the passion of our Lord- but we can’t linger in that state of sadness, either. And so I always ask what happened three days after Jesus died on the cross? He rose from the dead. Yes! And why? So that we can go to heaven. And why are Jesus’ arms stretched out like that on the cross? Because he wants to hug us. Yes!

He was not pleased to hear, however, that there will not be mass on Friday or Saturday- and that Jesus won’t even be in his “house.” But Mommy, I will miss Jesus, because I need to see Jesus and be with Jesus. That we may all have the simple, beautiful faith of a child and feel that starved for Our Lord!

Even today as we left mass there was a grounds crew hard at work. My curious three year old wanted to know what they were doing. I explained that they were preparing the church for Easter. For Jesus? Exactly. My boys think that even the daffodils and tupils know that Easter is coming and so are blooming in anticipation. May our inner faith be that of a child this Holy Week.


  1. Amen to your last sentence.

  2. Ann- you are a great mama, instilling a deep love for Our Lord in your little ones. Happy Easter!