Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Joseph--March 19

St. Joseph, husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus, patron of the universal Church, patron of the interior life, patron of carpenters, patron of fathers, patron of unwed mothers—-a great saint! And one whose life is largely hidden from history. He simply served. He took care of Mary and Jesus. He is a great model for us all.

The great Theresa of Avila—who strongly promoted devotion to St. Joseph—said she always went to him when she needed light from heaven.

St. Joseph is today among the most beloved of saints.

A Continual Feast has several delicious Italian recipes for St. Joseph’s Day treats, on pp. 243-4: Sfinge (Creampuffs) and Frittelle (Rice Fritters) di San Giuseppe. Here is a picture of the Frittelle--they are so good!

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  1. A saint - and a simple man who persevered in belief, in love and in obedience, a strong figure who kept in the background and yet whose significance is so important to us - for he *stayed*, in spite of everything.