Monday, April 12, 2010

"Come and have breakfast": breakfast with Jesus by the Sea of Tiberias

A few days ago we had one of my favorite Gospel readings, from John 21 (we will read it again soon): the disciples are out fishing, catching nothing. The risen Jesus is standing on the shore: they see him but don't recognize him. He calls out to them to cast their nets to starboard, and they make an astounding catch--so many fish that they can't even haul them all in. At that point, John and Peter realize that it is Jesus--and Peter hops into the water to get to shore as fast as he can.

When they reach shore, there is Jesus on the beach with a charcoal fire, grilling fish for them. He says "Come and have breakfast."

This is one of those beautiful passages where we see Jesus taking care of the most fundamental needs: he is cooking breakfast for his friends. (And we are reminded yet again of the importance of the theme of fishing in the Gospels!)

We will soon begin a series of posts on grilling, by my son Peter, inspired by this great passage. We are looking forward, Pete!

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  1. In anticipation of these posts... Yes, you are right how fundamental this passage is. And how we find safety in His net!