Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Harrowing hell" at the "Little House"

I love Holy Saturday. I love that Easter is almost here. I love preparing the children's baskets. I (mostly) love dyeing eggs. And I love thinking about Jesus freeing Adam and Eve and all the great heroes of the Old Testament. So this year, the children and I put on a very, very short reenactment of the harrowing of hell. For once, I felt like I didn't have NEARLY enough children. (Next year I'll do some recruiting of neighborhood kids.) Casting was a little difficult but we muddled through: James was Adam; Julia, Eve; Lily, Sarah; Luke, Samson (he's obsessed with super heroes, and Samson was as close as I could get); Agnes, Moses; and Natalie was Jesus. You might find it a bit curious, maybe even heretical, to have my very girly one-year old baby play Jesus, but since EVERYONE wanted to be Jesus and Natalie was the only one who had NOT sinned that morning, I picked her. Anyway, we all went down to "hell" (the basement schoolroom: I wonder, should I be offended?) whereupon the children all moaned and cried for Jesus to save them. Natalie (on my shoulders) comes triumphantly down the stairs, crashes down the "imaginary" door and greets those worthy prisoners of hell with a toothy grin and a kiss. "Jesus" then punches out the devils and leads her brothers and sister up into paradise--the kitchen, of course!--where they each receive a little treat. Who would have thought that something "harrowing" could be so much fun?!


  1. I love it! Just wish I had been there to see it!

  2. Absolutely adorable! :)))