Sunday, August 29, 2010

BBQ Sunday--a day of rest!

For us husbands who have the blessing of coming home to a lovingly-cooked meal every day, grilling provides a wonderful way to show some appreciation. And what better day than Sunday to give our wives a little rest in the kitchen. There are hundreds of different ways to cook virtually any cut of meat or fish. Vegetables, bread, and even a few desserts can also be prepared on the grill while enjoying the late summer evenings outside -- perhaps while the kids roam so that mom has that much more freedom to kick up her heels.

However, with so many options, it can be tough to know where to start. One of the cuts with which I have had success is boneless top sirloin steak. A simple yet delicious way to prepare this (or any) cut of meat is as follows:

1) make small stabs on both surfaces of the steak and insert slivers of garlic
2) rub the steak generously with salt & pepper, put the meat in a tall-sided dish, and pour in beer (here you can have a lot of fun testing what brews give your favored flavor)
3) marinate the steak for 30-60 minutes
4) cook the meat for 6-8 minutes per side for medium rare*
5) remove the meat and let it sit, covered, for 15 minutes before carving (remember to cut across the grain of the meat)

*The final temperature for this cut of beef, medium rare is 145 degrees. However, the meat will continue to cook while sitting -- so take it off the grill at 5-10 degrees below that "done" temperature.

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  1. This sounds soooo tasty--and what a nice idea for wives and mothers to be able to kick up their heels, or just put up their feet, a bit on Sunday!
    I want to hear more about BBQ--in particular about breads and desserts. I didn't know you could do those on a grill. Tell us more!